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On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…

.…that the gifts you have to give are multitudinous and magnificent — and your time to give those gifts has only just begun.


The life events of this moment are being placed in your experience to provide you with a perfect context within which to experience the true wonder and glory of Who You Really Are. Honestly, without a lot of fluffy talk, it is time for you to know and to express the fullness and the richness of how wonderful, of how special, you are.


These events, the occurrences of these days and times, the challenges in your life right now, are designed by you (at a very high level) to give Little You a chance to experience and express Big You…right here, right now. Take a look at what you are facing in this moment, on this very day. Do you think this is by accident?


Love, Your Friend….


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