Well I did it folks…. officially broke my hubby in two.  Yesterday he vowed not to leave me alone.  Well he’s passed out on the couch from being sick.  Think he has a fever – so I’m alone now.  Call someone you say?  Who? Why? so can have the cops called on me.

Then there is the bridge.  The fateful bridge that once marked a warm happy childhood feeling in my childhood about being "chez nous" as my mom would put it after traveling out of state somewhere.

That bridge…..  I stood there after losing my first job.  Looking for M he never came then either.  I almost went for it but my parents just burried my brother – couldn’t do that to them.

That bridge is silently calling my name but I’m okay.   I would have done in Thursday night when I had the golden opportunity but I didn’t… why?.  Call it attention seeking?  At one time maybe not today! Don’t know why I didn’t.  Oh yea my hubby texted me and said he was mad at me…. couldn’t die b/c he was mad since my world revolves around the dude!

I’m opened to getting help.  Get the glue because there will be nothing but pieces.  Tissues are good, too.  I want to cry.  I just wanted a damn hug!  It would have taken M maybe an hour of his scheduled life.  That would make all the difference in the world.

If the guys with the white coats come then my goose is cooked – I’m out of here dude….  I just have to wait until Monday – I’ll be okay, I’ll be okay, I’ll be okay.

I wish people would stop texting me already.  Didn’t you just hear me "I’m okay".



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