I’m feeling as though i’m in a constant state of anger.

My little sister and my grandmother tried to make me get something for mothers day for my mum tomorrow. I refused. They said things like "your a meany" and general comments to make me feel bad. It didn’t. I actully smiled to myself. Screw them.

I was looking at another depression support site. It was called dailystrength. I wonder if anyone here has used it before? I wouldn’t leave my DT, just checking to see whats out there. They do seem to have some really good support groups for different things. I was (of course) particually interested in the Alcholism one- ironically while I was drinking.

I can’t believe that saturday is almost over allready. I’m loosing the days soo much now. They are passing so quickly. I feel as though everything is just flashing past me at the speed of light, and i’m here going at a snails pace.

If I were a random object I would be a hockey puck.

My father made a comment along the lines of " If you go through a metal detector you’d set of all the alarms with all those piercings you have". I don’t care. I do what I like.

I learnt about pentagrams today. They are not evil at all. Its the christians and pagans that made it evil. Infact it represents wholeness, and one with the earth, that sort of thing. I’m thinking i might get a tattoo of one. Or a heartagram i’m not sure.

I had onion rings today. Been ages since I had some of those.

I wonder if extra terrestrial life forms suffer depression.. or is it just a human thing… I wonder if animals suffer depression? can a fish be depressed?

I want a star named after me. It was a full moon last night.

I hate me. I hate everything about me. I can’t thing of one good thing about me. I remember being asked not long ago what is a good thing about me. I couldn’t give an answer.

Pain is a bitch that needs a slap.



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