i don’t know if anyone will see this but i’m new to the tribe. my name is zoe and i’m sixteen years old. i really like to meet some friends i guess on here because i could really use some support right now lol. i am depressed and it’s christmas, it’s literally going to be christmas day in 20 minutes and i’m sitting alone in my kitchen crying, watching the perks of being a wallflower and eating chocolate and this might be rock bottom idk. anyway i have really good friends that i love and a good mostly non toxic family that supports me and loves me and yet i feel insanely alone. honestly it’s my own fault because i’m absolutely terrified to share anything about my mental health with anybody even if i’ve known them my entire life and now people don’t even bother asking me how i’m doing because they know i’m not going to give them a answer. So anyone i want to make some new friends, so let’s be friends! this is kind of desperate and embarrassing.

  1. amandang 2 years ago

    Hi Zoe, I’m Amanda! In your post, you did wonder if anyone has seen your post, and considering the fact that I’m replying to it rn, you can bet that at least one person has seen it! (Pls excuse my lame attempt at breaking the ice haha)

    On a serious note, I can relate with what you’re going through to a certain extent, feeling lonely even though from an outsider’s point of view, I’m not (of course there’s way more to it but that’s one of more universal problem I guess). Luckily I managed to pull myself out of suffering from severe depression (judging from the symptoms, I was borderline to depression but not too deep into it yet). Alright, enough rambling about me! It’s nice that you are actively seeking help by reaching out to other people from the rest of the world though. Although I cannot guarantee an immediate response to your reply, given the potential time difference and all (also, I’m a bit inconsistent, sorry 🙁 ), I’ll try my best to keep our correspondences fresh and alive (lol).

    In short, if you need a friend, I am willing to be one. Further down the line, who knows if we’ll find a lot in common and strengthen our friendship from there?

    You can elaborate more on your mental health issues if you feel like it; if you’re uncomfortable up here, we can always privately correspond. Just send me your email address along with your reply if you want to go along with that option!

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  2. 23skuhn 2 years ago

    hello zoe
    im alexander
    i know how ur feeling
    i have family who kinda support me
    and i have friends who i adore
    but im lonely
    so if u ever want to talk let me know

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  3. onajourneytonowhere 2 years ago

    I totally understand how you feel I felt the same exact way I am now in my 50s and has just shared my mental illnesses to my family and friends and wow what a relief they all understood and the ones that didn’t I didn’t need that in my life I stuck with the ones who did my advice to you is to tell them what is going on with you you’d be surprised how many will reach out to you

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  4. jbells4344 2 years ago

    Zoe, you have to believe you are an amazing person and once you do there will be people who will be drawn to your energy.. you are not alone .. you might feel lost and that’s whats hard about being alone is not really knowing if others feel this way but many do… you are strong to show your emotions.. do not give up there are people who believe and are here for you

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