Greetings readers!

A sincere Thank You also goes out to a lovely rodent for reminding me what matters and who I answer to.

You see readers, I've been stressed more than usual lately. All this stress is from a meeting I've been hauled into regarding my conduct. I got angry about something and told the boss what I really thought. Yeah/Yeah, I know…some are saying "Well DUH! You Dumb Ass!". I couldn't help it though, it's like an old country song "You got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything". I have kept quiet about many things, and other things I've backed off of too easily.

Alright, so now you know the stress point. What I was reminded of tonight is…

  • Focus on what matters
  • Do not worry about the small stuff!

However, how does someone know what the small stuff really is? Well, I report to someone who knows what is small and what I should fight for. That person is "Future Me". You see, I let my mind contemplate if I will be proud of what I have done in the future. Seems very simple, right…proud/not proud. Am I even doing something I will remember? If not, why am I doing it?!?

So, with regard to this meeting and what I did to cause it. Would my future self be proud of me standing up on this issue and telling my boss what I though? The answer is Yes…ABSOLUTELY! It is in line with who I am and who I always have been. When there is something wrong, I make it right. Idealistic you might say…you're right. On some things you stand up and do not compromise because it is the right thing to do.

So, if my boss doesn't like it…that doesn't matter anymore.

What's that? Ahh, yes, what would my future self say if I get fired for being so idealistic? Let's see….

My future self responds that he would be proud for me standing up on this issue and if being released from my job is the result…it is my employer who has the greater loss. To compromise who I am for money is something my future self would not be proud of.

I know there are those who hate their job but just deal with it because it is an evil that must be dealt with. Congrats on being able to cope with that, it's not something I could do. So, I'll stick with what I can do really well, being myself.

PS: Thank you to those who take the time to comment on my blog and let me know you are reading my stuff and you care.


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