I've had anxiety disorder and panic disorder for nearly 18 years . Usually health related or when too excited /happy or doing something unknown . Mainly health related unfortunately I've had a lot of health issues off and on . Some serious some not so serious which I blew up . I've had appendix out in er asthma stomach ulcers , kidney infection,chronic tonsillitis , list of new allergies one being anaphylactic shock was in er three days ,had pneumonia kidney stone thryiod disease nodules all by age 25and recently been diagnosed with skin cancer called Bowen diseAse : it has a very small risk to go into lymph nodes but of course I've always had this fear due to chronic tonsillitis and I often have lymph nodes swell . A few months ago I had lymph nodes in my armpit swell before they were thinking of biopsy it swelled down so likely from razer or virus . Now I have this skin cancer non melanoma type and I have swollen bump behind my ear I picked it thinking it was a sore from shampoo it got bigger it's hard so now in freakinf out . On top of that I've been experiencing severe heat intolerance I have hahsimoto disease im average weight definitely not overweight and I. Can't be outside on most days for more than 10 mins sometimes depending on humidity and heat I may have one day a week I can last long . I have a dog so I'm forced to be outside three times a day to walk it. I don't know what it is but I get a trigger every time to the point in being agoraphobic because of it . If imin the ac I'm fine but outdoors even crowded malls if it's hot I can't handle it . I start to have legs lock up like I can't walk literally struggle to take steps , dizzy eyes pressure nose pressure almost feels like I am breathing through a washcloth …. Then I start to feel chest pan unsure if it's lungs or heart I went to cardiology I do have murmurs and a small pfo he said I must've been born with but nothing that would cause this he said my previous palpations which I had for the last six months which are luckily gone was from thryiod disease . I don't get them everyday now that I'm not on as much med levoxyl .My thryiod levels last time were hyper but then recently hypo when off medicine . So now I'm on a 3-4 day pill to try to get thryiod normal . It's hard to explain the heat intolerance without explaining that I do have hahsimoto disease which causes heat intolerance and cold intolerance but not to this level . I don't work because of this and haven't got ssi yet… Well it doesn't help in Florida been here few years and I still can't handle this . I don't know where else to turn in nervous my anxiety is thinking is it walking pneumonia is it allergies is it asthma is it some weird condition what the hell is behind my ear is it related in freaking out . I wasn't panicking until I felt I couldn't breathe I meditated I prayed I changed my mind I even called a friend nothing worked with the heat intolerance except ice on my chest and sitting in ac now I'm feeling more myself . I need help if anyone here has hahsimoto or any idea what the heck this could be . Cardiologist said Echo was normal and ekg most likely from thryiod and anxiety or some kind of electrolyte issue he says he doesn't believe it's heart . Which is good but now what ? My legs lock I can't even talk it's like I can't even think I will mumble when it happens my eyes have pressure and my head right now eyes itchy and then I feel like I lost all energy to move I'll feel very hot and then it's hard to breathe through my nose and I'll get this weird nose pressure mixed with feeling smothered ….. Sorry for rant I hope this explains what's going on its one thing to be anxious and worry about illness and another to have conditions with anxiety I tell my doctor all the time I can't ever know which is a concern or not . For example I had a cut feeling about this area on my body that had darken that I wanted biopsies they said I shouldn't worry I pleaded they did it and it's skin cancer … He apologied but it scares me if I didn't plead it would've spread . A sorry isn't enough it's hard enough to trust doctors having health anxiety . Now what could be this heat issue lump behind my ear and legs lock can't breathe issue ??? Thanks ahead bless you all


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