I’m thankful for my dog Hillary first and foremost.  She is always right there by my side and ready for anything I decide to do or not do.

I’m thankful for DT and the people I am getting to know here.  There are some genuinely loving Spirits that shine through here.  I appreciate the opportunity I am given here.

I am thankful for my government providing a social security network so that people like me can perhaps take some time and heal and move on with life and perhaps give back some day.

I am thankful for the soldiers who have bravely stood in the line of battle and protected us…even when they might not have agreed with our governments actions.

I am thankful for my place I call home and the protection and comfort it provides.

I am thankful for my computer and all the opportunity it provides.

I am thankful for people like "LUV1SELF" who are consistently getting me too see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

I am thankful for my ability to communicate who, what, and where I am in my journey.

I am thankful for the food I eat and all the choices I have in being able to nourish myself.  I am thankful for the water and the life force it provides.

I am thankful for my car and its consistent ability to get me to where I want to go.

I am thankful for my faith in God, even if it seems to wain at times.

I am thankful for YOU, no matter who you are.  We are ONE.  I am you and you are me…Your reflection tells me I am alive and have a purpose.

I am thankful for Forgiveness.

I too could go on with more thanks for all that is given to me. 

Thank you,


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  1. tick_tock 13 years ago

     gratitude and being positive is infectious.  thank you.

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