This is my 1st time writing a blog ever! And new to this website… so not really sure if anyone will read my post. It’s 5:46 a.m.. think I’ve only slept for 1 hour. Tonight has to be one of the worse nights. For the past 3 months I’ve been having such bad anxiety, stress and depression. I’ve gone through a few rough years and I think everything just build on my shoulders until finally my feelings exploded. It’s been rough.. I’ve had so many panic attacks these past few months I’ve lost count. Tried so many antidepressants they were all a fail. To be honest they brought on panic attacks ever since I haven’t taken any I haven’t got an attack. Just dealing with these unbearable anxiety symptoms… chest tightness and discomfort… a little pain…sometimes hard to breathe… (has gotten somewhat better) ehh and I’ve been clenching my jaw so bad at night & during the day. The muscle tension in my chest is the worse. I can handle the one in my back and the tightness.. I just get afraid with the tightness and sensations in my chest. I’m trying so hard to beat anxiety. Been researching so much and trying little things.. but it can be so debilitating. Never in a million years did I think I would go through this. Don’t wish this on anyone! This has to be the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through & trust me I’ve been through ALOT! I can’t wait for the day that I can look back at this and think I beat it… I’m healthy, I am fine, and most of all I AM HAPPY! I know I can’t give up and I have to fight! I hope & I pray that the month of October will be a better month. So stay strong!

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  1. piscesbs 4 years ago

    Well… already suffer from chronic anxiety, hun. No fixing THAT! But it sucks…My usual wake up time is between 12-3 about 1-3 times a night. Rushing thoughts, anxiety knots, nightmares, the like. Again, sucks. ID really know how to fix it, though. Actually, BECAUSE of my anxiety levels, I have bad sinus issues now. Drink coffee every morning, so helps until it doesn’t. And I tend to try and respond to people AMAP ASAP, but not typically weekends, cuz parents. *Frown* IDK…but – I’ll tell you what – it makes me feel 30 years older, maybe even 45 (physically, cuz I’m 18).

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