So I am new here, and I have never felt so welcomed in my life the people of this forum have opened their hearts up to me in making me feel less alienated.

I was told over the phone by a doctor about my diagnosis, I have studied medicine prior to me switching my degree, I actually wanted to go to med school and become a epidemiologist, I actually wrote a paper on a genetic immunity that occurs in about 15% of the European population. I knew that the virus is not a death sentence like that when it was first discovered; I know that the advancements in medical science and treatments will allow a patient to live a normal healthy life. But that did not stop me from going off the deep end when I found out about my diagnosis. I was told over the phone as I have stated before, although knowing about this Virus and knowing that it is treatable did not stop me from well freaking out. It was bad I went on a four day hiatus

I know a lot about this virus and how science has advanced to allow those with this to live a fully normal life. But that still does not stop that feeling of the uncertainty, nor does it stop the fact of the feeling of being alone in all of this. A few of my closest friends know. I have no clue on how to even date now my recent diagnosis changed some of my future. I am in college and I had plans on wanting to join the military but that has now all changed. Many thing have changed in my life since I got the phone call, I have seen a doctor but I have doubts about the doctor not only because of bedside manner but the facts that she stated she is a research doctor, but does not seem to know the about even the most current experimental treatments, and She works for the Cleveland Clinic. It is bad enough that I have no clue how to tell my own mother about this, but the fact that the doctor does not even feel comforting is a big issue for me. It sounds stupid but I feel so alone in all of this and I have no clue how I will react to treatment. I guess I am really scared and I have no clue about anything that I am going to encounter, I had a women who has a MSN (Masters of Science and Nursing) her area of expertise is HIV, and she told me that it is like living with Diabetes, I may know she is correct she, but I still feel alone and Scared in all of this.

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  1. MegsyBabyy 8 years ago

    Take things slowly, tell only what you want and who you want to tell it to. I myself decided that I will be positive, open, and honest about my condition. Knowing your background and being such a strong man any choice you make will work efficiently! I want to educate the world about us, to end the stigma! And Tecky is right, a lot of us are newly diagnosed, such as myself, and this place is truly amazing. They welcomed me with open arms ears and hearts. Keep ya head up hun, and look into a new doc like I told u 😉 your medical care is essential and if u dislike your doc it will make it unbearable to go and much harder to stay treated.

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