I was reading the earlier blogs and found one talking about having a really good friend. So I thought I'd present a question based on that.


Ever have one of those friends that seem to make your OCD stop altogether? Like for once, you aren't worrying about everything under the sun and when you're with that person you seem more relaxed and distracted from your OCD? I'm fortunate enough to have two people like that in life.


My first is a friend from highschool. He was the first friend I had in ten years. I was homeschooled and so I never really got out of the house. He and I have been through it all: the driver's license, the first girlfriends, the graduation, having to deal with heartbreak of said first girlfriends – we've been best friends ever since junior year of highschool. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end – or at least for an extended period of time. My friend decided to join the army and has been attending military school these past three years. All in total, he is home 1.5 months out of the year, dispersed over weekends and holidays. I don't get to see him very much and so I do notice that when he IS home, my OCD lessens. I've only told him just recently about the OCD, and he hasn't treated me any different. I wish I could see him more often, but I respect his decision to serve the country and am proud to call myself his best friend.



My second friend is more of a very good friend than a best friend. She's been there for me since we started college and knows alot about me, but not as much as my best friend. She always has a way of bringing me out of my shell. She was also homeschooled and so she understands the social anxiety I have and agrees completley. I just never feel upset or depressed or neurotic when I'm around her. Its like my OCD goes away and I can live normally. I try new things when I'm with her and find it easier to resist OCD urges like fixing things to be just right, or seperating my food when we go out to eat together. Sadly, I never see her either. She graduated last year and is rarely home. She has since found other friends at her new school and so we never really talk anymore. I'd call her, but I have a huge anxiety when talking on the phone, or texting. I just feel like I'm bothering people.



Anyway, so thats my story. Two good friends that I never really get to see. At least I have them, no matter how often I get to see them. So thank you Jay and Kat, you guys are great


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