I don't even know where to begin. I moved in with my boyfriend 6 months ago and we have been together for 11 months and 3 days to this day. From the day I moved in with him I have been paying for majority of what we have and firstly I payed the full $1000 bond and the second place I paid $700 and he paid $300. He gets amazing jobs and keeps them for about a month. He's never kept a job longer then 2 months and he's had 4 in the last six months. We've been talking about having a kid and the last two weeks we were actually trying to have one. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes, however, he does weed and with my depression as bad as it is I just don't want to be around it and especially if we're starting to have a family I don't want us involved in that. Every time we argue, without fail he always leaves me and goes and gets high after coming back to me the time before saying he promises he'll stop. He's always putting a strain on us when he doesn't go to work because he's to high from the night before and losing jobs because of it. It puts so much pressure on me as I then have to pay for what he can't afford which sometimes comes down to rent. He doesn't have his license and he's nearly 19. Therefore I drive him to work everyday and pick him up- yet I'm paying for fuel majority of the time. My parents have tried so hard in helping him get his life on track as he comes from a bad family of parents that are drug addicts and alcoholics. He continuously says he doesn't want to end up like his parents and with the opportunities he's been give with the help of my family he just throws out the window with no care in the world. Every argument always turns back on me because I'm apparently always shutting him out. He recently told me he'd rather have no job and be back home with his best mate smoking weed than to have the responsibilities in our relationship. It broke me. After asking to marry him and trying to have a kid he's just turned around and said how unhappy he's been with me and that he regrets moving in with me and asking me out so soon. I've spent so much time trying to save him and help him be all he can be and lost myself in the process. I don't do half the things I use to do and enjoyed. I've devoted my life to him and I'm getting nothing in return. I love him and want to be with him forever and I know how much potential he has and know he can be anything he wants but our relationship keeps going in circles and it's taking it's toll on me. It's came to the point where my dad said he is not welcome back at home because they've continuously told them how much he wants to do well but does the complete opposite and throws away and opportunity of achieving something great for himself. I know that if I break up with him, he will regret it all and realise how much he had going for him and want me back but I just want to make it clear to him how it's come to the point where it's now or never, if he's not 100% on pulling his finger out then there's no hope for the future. He reckons he's coming back tomorrow and I'm having the last and only serious talk with him about where our relationship is heading and how I truly feel about his behaviour I just want to know if anyone has some good advice to help me stay strong and really put my foot down. 

Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read this and try help me. X


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