The saddest thing in life I have found, is the feeling of being alone in this world. We often hear from time to time from those who cross our paths, the age old phrase "You are never alone, for I am your friend and I will always be near." But in those wee hours of the morning or when the house is quiet and still and our emotions overwhelm us with the memories and pain of the past, present and what may lay before us in the future, then is when we realize that we are truly alone within ourselves.

Only we know the true burdens and heartbreak we carry upon our souls, for even if there was someone at that moment who would listen, how indeed could you convey the turmoil that runs rapid within you. And the questions in your mind and heart would be, would they understand, could they understand, would they even want to, or would all that you lay before them fall on the appearance of a listening face, but deaf ears?

Many times in our life, the words "This is not how it was suppose to be", or something simular crosses our minds and hearts. As children, whether coming from a bad childhood or not, we have dreams of what our lives are to be, but as we grow into and through adulthood, life tends to throw us curves that we never expected, let alone prepared for. And the realization of loneliness and being alone ( even though they are two different things) clouds our paths and takes away the sunshine of those distant dreams and hopes of a bright future.

We learn that not everyone is your friend, regardless of how much they profess to be. That in the days of ones life, there will be more grey ones than the beautiful blue ones with puffy clouds serenely passing by, and regardless of how words are delivered, they to can hurt and be remembered as equally as the pain that we carry in our hearts at the death of a loved one.

So what is the answer to the age old problem that we as human beings all face from time to time and for some, the realization of all the time of being alone in a world of billions of people going about their daily lives never really seeing or feeling the devastation of being alone by the person standing right next to them. Do we stand still and scream in silence, "Someone please hear me, someone please understand that I am alone and so much in need of a true friend", or do we do as others and suck it up, forget about it and continue to walk the inner shell of a world alone?

Or do we continue to reach out with the hope that one day I too will be heard and never be alone again or do we just continue our lives in the belief that we will always be alone and prepare ourselves for such a life. I for one choose to believe that hope is a part of all human nature and that through that hope, someday, someone will take my outstretched hand and gently walk with me, listening to the inner child crying out and I will learn to grow in the fact that I too will not be alone.


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