Lots of people ask me “What have you done that makes you think that you’re going to hell?”.

I’m not human anymore. I have lost my soul and my mind.

I’ve killed who I use to be.

Lots of people ask me “Are you afraid of death?”

No, I’m not. Death is going to happen, why not now when I don’t have a life to live.

Lots of people tell me “It’s not worth it”

Yes, It’s worth everything that I am and more

Lot’s of people tell me “Don’t do drugs, they don’t help you”

Oh, yes they do. They help me a ton.

Leo told me “Don’t give up cause I’m gone”

I can’t hold on anymore, Leo was my anchor. Now that anchor is gone.

You guys might tell me “Please, Don’t do it. There are other people who care about you”

There isn’t anyone who cares about me.

I’m alone in this.

I’m sorry.

  1. Author
    picku332 7 months ago

    I am alone in this

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    • 23skuhn 6 months ago

      no your not. and you DO have people who care about you a LOT
      Leo helped me too and he is gone but doing this will not help
      if you do this you will never get a chance to be truly happy
      now i need to listen to my own words bc im very close but its not abt me its abt u.
      Skye u need to keep going and not just for u and who cares abt u but for Leo. Leo would have wanted u to keep going not give up. he would be proud that u kept going, i know he would be.
      just keep going, I BELIEVE IN YOU

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      • Author
        picku332 6 months ago

        But i can’t keep going. It’s going to kill soon anyway. I can’t get pass this.

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