Hi all.

I've been a member here for a while now and I like this site a lot.  One thing makes me wonder though.  Am I alone here? 

I am mostly housebound and thus handicapped and on meds for life due to anxiety, phobias, and OCD.  Is there anyone else out there who is stuck at home all alone like me?  It is really lonely and I miss my old life when I was still able to force myself out the door to work and stores and such.  It has been a couple of years on my own now since I decided that I can't have a normal relationship with a woman as they can't handle the burden of my condition.  I have accepted this fact and with the help of my doctors I have learned some techniques to make my life a little easier. 

I enjoy talking to and reading the posts of the others with anxiety but are still able to function (somewhat) in "normal" life.  I have learned that most of the people on here do not have the same degree of disability as I do.  This makes me depressed and kinda scared. 

It has occured to me that the people who are more like me (or worse) may not be able to get online.  Or maybe they have a fear of posting like I do with the phone.  Maybe they are not as lucky as I have been and don't have the support at home like I do with my Mom and my doctors. 

If there is someone out who can relate feel free to message me.  I'd love to chat sometime. 

* Please not that I do not think that my life is any harder than the ones whose limitations may not be as severe as mine.  I know that anyone with an anxiety disorder can relate as their lives are just as difficult as mine or maybe more so.  I used to think that "no one has it as bad as me".  Or I would get jealous of those who can still go to work everyday or go to a mall or stay in a store for more than a couple of minutes.  I understand now, however, that what may seem easier from my perspective rarely is easier.  Just needed to say this so no one gets upset with me thinking I am saying that with my post.  I really am just reaching out like the rest of us. 

Have a good one. 


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