Wish oithers coud just see what they have creted to this mess. I take full aountblily, but other can't seem to do the same. Lies, untlold trues wich were told told me not only by daughter but ex, but htat is okay. Well good luck to all of you, I hope you proper and do well, by the way, my life isn't miserable as you would like it to be my sweet dauchter. Unforntunatley, you seem to forgert and well thats on you, who was there forall you trips, all your sochool activites, who was there for the father son outing that your dad woud not go to that I did. Selective memory, its okay, you have a whole life to live and if your husband did the same to you what you fathe did to me well……..yeah….I would like to see that. Anywyayy, good by my love always in my heart, always wish your and Ryan the best of everything…….Just remember I wanted you, I fought for you and I took care of you regardless of the lies your father said.. Doesn't matter hope you and your new mommy r so happy together……I am sure she is great……..Wish you all the happiness in the world/ this will be my least resprond to you, but know that your a part of me and no matter what You needs will always come first;Know you try to hurt me, well , that a shame…….Look back and remember I know its in there, unfortunately, I will always love you but don't hink I can ever trust you again; You have proven that time after time. need to grow up. L0VE YOUR DAD AND HIS NEW WIFE AND HIS NEW HOME AND HOME IN nh AND YOUR STEPBROTHER, i GUESS THAT IS WHATS IMPROTANT. tAKE CARE, MAYBE WE WILL MEET IN ANOTHER LIFE, AS FAR AS GRANDCHILDREN, IF I was such a bad mother as you say, well they shouldn't even know about me. Tale care my darling, I hoope you find peace


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