Alright so I guess we start here? I’m here because I have felt alone for a lot of my life. People come and go much quicker than I can handle and it makes me want to shut down. I have a hard time trusting my family because of the religion they are in and how it views lgbt people such as myself. Its the whole “I love you but don’t accept you” thing that a lot of people do. You can’t love someone and not accept them for who they are. There are exceptions to that like I can support and love my friend but not support their crime record but still accept them for who they are. You also don’t have to accept people that are toxic or rude to you. Anyways, I am writing this so that hopefully, years later when I decide to jump down the nostalgia rabbit hole, I can look at this post and recognize how far I’ve come and maybe talk to my younger self about all the new friends and chosen family I’ve made and the boundaries I’ve set and the things I have let go of.

To start, I had a massive breakdown last night and its sort of leaking over into today. I just really need someone to comfort me but its looking more and more like I’ll be the only one comforting me. Which is okay!! Its valid and its good that I am at least trying to take care of myself right? We will get there eventually haha. I think that’ll be all for today. I’m going to go outside now.

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  1. ghalia 12 months ago

    Beautiful post! Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long to peer into that nostalgia rabbit hole and that soon, you find people who will love and accept you for who you are.

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