Do you know one great feeling of happiness i have when i come online on this wonderful site is the handsome and prettty looking and intelligent personality that i see here that are willing to make thier problem a thing of the past in thier life.

  Do you know you are already healed of your social anxiety by admitting you have it and seeking for an amicable solution towards your total healing.

  How many head do you have i can guess its just one and you are not different from the over 6billion people on this earth that is living thier life like its golden.i want to assure you that your problem will be a thing of the past if only you are convinced and convicted of trying this simple formulae that i feel will stamp a long lasting truce in your heart.

  Do you know that what you inculcate in to your mindset contribute about 90 percent of our problem ,your past that you have kept in your closet and whenever you want to gripe you bring it out and continue to harbour on it,or the heartbreaks or the malignant tumors that hs happened to you have continued and will continue to disenchant you if you look back but will relief you if only you look forward and design and champion what you would love to be in the nearest future because they say the future is today and what you make of your today will be what will simply emancipate you in the future.

  I want you to know that you have a gift and a burning desire in you that is waiting to be unleashed if onle you throw the past that hjas caused you so much harm and despair into the dustbin and continue to smile and be happy because they say a happy mind is a wealthy mind

  You might say this guy does not understand what i am going through over here but i want to let you know that i have an indept knowledge of what you are facing and i understand you very much but we have to take a step out of our quagmire and lok forward to a better and happy days a head of us.

  You are too special and beautiful to be alone in that lonely place of your s because its high time you draw a chart on what your true passion and desires are because any dream conceived is achieved.

  I want evey body that is reading this message to say i can do it ,i can be like my outgoing neighbour,i can suceed in all my endeavours i will be the next famous celebrity in the year and i will emancipate myself from this undermining social anxiety.

  When you say this things take your time and look for a music you love the most and insert it into your compact disc player and dance to the tune because you are healed forever and will always stay happy.

   One more thing if you admire this blog kindly send your comment and practise the healing wisdom inherent in this words.

  Nelson will always stay and stick with all of you because your healing means a lot to me.


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