Hi Everyone. Been away for a while. Didn't have a computer was using my cell phone. Any hoo, I wanted to say hello to everyone I have been missing and to anyone who thought I dropped off the face of the earth.

Things are going good. Dakota is now 29 months old and one hell of a handful. Back when my adult children were at this age I was all doped out so I don't remember it ever being this crazy, but I am thankful I am clean and sober now and get to experience this no matter how crazy I go. Still single, still not looking still completely focused on my girlie as it should be. Have her in preschool, gymnastics, therapy. She has come a long way in her development. So proud of her.

I started HIV meds a little while back, taking Stribild. Seems to be working wonderfully. Have had a lot of aches and pains bitch and moan but I have come to terms with the fact that I am aging and being morbidly obese and keeping up with my 2 year old that takes energy. Started seeing a nutritionist becuz I need help with my weight. I have the desire I just lack ambition which is pretty sad because I have lots of motivation I just dont act on it. I need help. I want the instant gratification, and I get so overwhelmed with the thought that its going to take time. My doctor is trying to get bariactric surgery approved but I realize if I do not change my thinking and my eating habits nothing will help. It is a tool not a solution. Keeping it real with myself.

Other than that I am good, baby has a cold and seems to be spreading it to everyone who she looks at, except me. I keep warning people she is sick stay away but no one listens, grandmas and big sisters I guess believe they are invincible.

Started couponing, got to feeling like a hoarder so I donated a whole bunch of hygeine products shampoos body wash deodrients etc to local AIDS Project for other clients. I have been on the recieving end of those donations once upon a time and now I am able to give back. I am not rich I just know how to use my coupons and end up getting lots of free products, and so I just think it was just something I needed to do… To give back aka pay it forward.

I do not do public speaking anymore, kind of climbed back into the closet about my HIV status because of Dakotas dads side of the family, old fashion, probably be shunned. Don't want to take that chance, Dakota should never have to suffer becuz of me. My adult children went thru the shunning when they were children and it was hurtful so I don't want Dakota to have to experience that.

Well I guess that catches you all up. Love and Peace…April

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    Apple71 9 years ago

     Thank you Jen for the info and encouragement. My baby girls name is Dakota Sage My mom named her. I thank God she was a girl. the name my mom had picked for a boy was Utah Sequoyah… Not my favorite but I am so glad for a precious little stick of DY-NO-MITE such as my little girl. 

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