Visiting Day

By CharlieG 

I've made my way, across a hot scorched prairie;

To this very spot, where I must unbury.

Memories laid to rest, that have been put into the ground;

What I had fought to untangle, I am now once again, bound.

It's rope drawn so tight, it cuts into my skin;

I might loosen it a little, but I will never win.

My burden's shouldered, and this I must carry;

As I enter the cemetery.

The memories come, I can't make them leave;

They are here to make certain, I remember to grieve.

Show's over, curtains drawn, no more acting brave;

As I slowly approach, my little girl's grave.

Now sitting beside her, telling Joy how I feel;

How can I describe it?  It's feeling surreal.

Then I give her my chip, and tell her I'm trying;

I tell her everything’s great! But she knows that I'm lying.

So I cry for awhile, the father bereaved:

Then climb to my feet and get ready to leave


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  1. morgan_ 13 years ago

    as long as you have lovr there is hope.  you will be in prayers. morgan

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