Once there was a girl who did everything that everyone ever told her to do.  It made her happy to do these things because it kept everyone else happy. 

One day as she was walking through the forest she met a little old woman.  The little old woman asked the girl to help her pick some flowers.  Since the girl knew that it was easier to be obedient than disobedient she got to work right away.  She had never picked flowers before because everyone she knew thought that it was a waste of time.  Since the flowers just died anyway they didn't think it was worth the effort.

The girl had never seen such beautiful flowers before.  She spent hours picking flowers for the little old woman.  Even after the little old woman said that she had plenty the little girl kept on picking flowers.  When the girl finally stopped picking flowers and made her way home she felt very strange.  She felt more happy than she had ever felt in her whole life.  And she couldn't wait to go pick flowers again.

The next day the girl was sitting quietly with her family because that is what they wanted her to do.  But the girl remembered how happy she had felt when she was picking flowers.  She didn't want to upset anyone by not doing what they wanted her to do.  But she couldn't control herself any longer and pretended that she was going to do her chores.  Her heart was pounding as she snuck out of the house and ran to the woods.  The girl spent the rest of the day sitting in the forest among the flowers.

The girl was terrified to go home.  She was sure that everyone would hate her.  When the girl finally made it home everyone she knew was disappointed that she had lied to them.  But then they had to go do all the things that they always did and they forgot that she had lied. That's when the girl realized that her happiness was worth their disappointment.


The girl tried to make everyone understand that all of the things that they always did weren't really that important and that there were amazing things that could make them very happy.  But they wouldn't listen to her.  So the girl went and sat  amongst the flowers by herself and lived happily ever after.


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