So, my mom called and said that she was having her breast looked at at a different angle yesterday and that today was the appointment. We were discussing the possibilities and she kept asking me questions so we did an online paranoia fest. Well, she called me back today and said the doctor said there is something suspicious, but he cannot tell what it is b/c it's hidden by tissue. I never realized how complicated the makeup of a breast can truly be, its kind of like an intertwining of ropes and you have to delve into teh middle to make sure there is nothing hiding behind the tissue. Well, she is due for an MRI in 10 days and i told her not to worry about anything, it is standard diagnosis procedure and that there are many scares with this kind of thing, plus if its malignant, its very small and we can catch it early. and that is the most valuable thing you can have. Anything caught early doesnt have much of a chance at progressing.

She was scared about the MRI procedure so i gave her a scenario of what to expect, as i have had them done too many times to count…there will probably be contrast done which involves a needle that injects dye and i just hope she doesnt freak out on me, shes squeemish about that kinda thing. Ugh, shes already talking about my safety and what i'd do without her and it was just so overwhelming. She started to scare me. I told her that there is nothing to worry about because i know its nothing. This happens all the time, little scares here and there. Sometimes i forget my mom is 63, she really doesnt sound or look the part. This is common in premenopausal women. If it is something, then we will kick its ass early, the key is always early detection and shes been good about her mammograms and calcium intake. Although, what i dont grasp the concept of is how calcium studies have shown that calcium can work as a preventative for breast cancer, yet she has a buildup of calcium
(calcification) There are 2 types: micro and macro, macro is the one that could have cancer …i think shes still in micro status right now. It all confuses me. They have done several mammograms now , at different angles and cant see what is going on b/c of the tissue i guess, but they have detected cacification somewhere. Most calcification is benign, but honestly we cant know anything until its found in its hiding place.

They may and probably will have to do a biopsy and the sucky news there is that it has to be surgical, not through the standard needle guided by xray, due to the fuckers crafty hiding spot. I really hope she will let me be there during this process, but chances are she'll just want to get it done and over with. She's already said as much. Either way, i feel like everything is going to be ok since if it is anything it was caught early.

I had to let that out.

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  1. CeruleanKisses 14 years ago

    I'm sorry you and your mom are going through this.  It's a scary thing to have to face, but I bet your mom is sure happy to have you there for her.  The mortality are never easy.  I've been there, and hopefully you are right and it is just a small bump in the road and she will be fine.  I hope you are doing alright with everything.

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