Well, my bad neighbor is gone…I dont know if I told ya'll, but my son landed in jail over it all…he got a little money and got some beer, and got into a fight with the guy, course that guy didnt want to fight anyone, not with his fists anyway, he had a shovel…needless to say none of this was a pretty sight at all….but its nice that hes gone…so YAY!!!!, hate to feel that way, but I do…Ive been digging a garden since then, so far I have flowers, veggies and herbs…I want to be able to make my herbal cures and teas and baths again…the more I work with the earth plants animals, children….the closer I feel to God,,,Im at peace….of course being at peace doesnt came without a price ….I kind of overworked mysself…and then on the a30th I walked to walmart…for money orders, supplies etc…its a long walk, almost 3 miles…and Ive done it before…but this time I got sick…I didnt get to shop, I had to get someone to call 911…and you know it takes a real long time to answer all their questions, so I was surrounded by customers….and it didnt help that the medic trying to put an Iv in was so determined….he gouged my hands to pieces…big puddles of blood under eat one, all over the floor…it was a nightmare….finally made it to the hospitol…I had heat stroke or something…and was dehydrated….I got to go home the next day, and being the stubborn girl I am, I started trying to get the rest of the garden finished, I guess I shouldnt have done that….cause I ended up getting sick again…ended up in the hospitol last night, but Im home again, I didnt mean to get sick, I just like to try and get things done…lol I know this blog isnt funny like some of my others…but Im so tired I got to go Love Ya'll……….shadow


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