I'm struggling with this thought – What makes a good day a good one, and a bad day a bad one. I have been searching for patterns within my nightly routine and trying to figure out why some days i wake up able to leave the house and other days the mere thought of running to Walmart makes me throw up (literally).

And damn, those good days are such a tease. You think you're finally beating this, which, for me at least, subsides at LEAST some of the fears. But then, suddenly you're struck with panic and fear in a public place and the misery andembarrassmentstarts from square one.

I'm sure i'm not the only one, but i have 'Safe Zones.' These are places i've successfully been in and out of without having an attacks. These places generally don't scare me anymore, HOWEVER, there is the fear that what if it does happen there … then i'm forced to cross one more place off my list.

I just started my medication last week so i'm obiously not expecting to be running a mile at the gym, or fist pumping in the club, but i'm hopeful i can at least make it to the grocery store (once a safe zone) sooner than later.

Any & all thoughts;stories;advice welcome 🙂

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  1. Boogels 10 years ago

    I honestly dont think there\'s something in a routine that causes bad days or good days.. some people suggest a diet, or lack of sleep.. which could be a contributor, but.. in the end, its just our brain.. Like this morning, all because I had a weird ass dream, i ended up screaming at my boyfriend and crying.. losing the ability to want to walk..
    Maybe you should try and remember dreams, or make sure you dont eat certain things. *shrugs*

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