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First and foremost, let me begin by saying my name is Lonnie. Well my real name is Iolanda, and no that isn't a typo that is an "I" at the beginning of my name. My parents named me after my Italian grandmother, who lives in Pazallo, along with the rest of his side of my family. I guess they figured that my name would be rather unique and interesting, but they never imagined how unique I myself would be.

Let's get to the point. I could talk about my childhood (well what I remember), my teenage years and my early and mid-twenties for days. They all influenced me in drastic ways of couse, and have led me to my current 28 year old mindset. Whether it is good, bad or in between, it is what it is and I deal with it everyday. I try to count my blessings in life, although I do tend to find myself complaining a lot. Honestly, I'm surprised, that I just decided to start blogging when in fact, I've been dealing with these issues for ten years now.

It all started when I was 18 years old, and moved into my college dorm. It was the moment I had waited forever for, and I couldn't hide my excitement. I was now on my own and a lot more independent, but at the same time I was only an hour and a half away from home. Well it wasn't long before all this excitement turned into anxiety and agitation. I had always been a people person so to say, yet I was finding myself longing to be alone. The situation had become so drastic at one point that I would turn the heat up in my dorm room so people just wouldn't want to be in there. I know, it sounds crazy. But then again, what is normal? Anyways,about a year later my college career at Rowan ended. I went back home and thats when the fun began. Notice my sarcasm.

To make a long story a bit short, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, general anxiety and at different times was even diagnosed with social phobia and OCD. I'll write more tomorrow. Hopefully, I will meet some great people on this site and get some good feedback. Maybe even gain some knowledge too.

  1. Gary41 11 years ago

     I just came aboard the Tribe and I like it, if anything you dont have to feel different or skeptical on what to write or how it comes out, I've been diagnosed with major depression also and was brought up that if you have problems just deal with them but what I found in real life is dealing with things yourself doesnt work, it take a army to win a war! so your now part of what I believe is a group of people trying to get help and at the same time able to offer help from their life experience, take care friend.

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  2. WoMaNnBeAuTyyBrAiNss 11 years ago

    Hey…Thanks for your comments and feedback.  I hope to get to know more about the people on this site, and how they cope with they're different situations.  I'm learning to be a lot more positive. And with this positivity I'm finding, life is more enjoyable and a lot easier.  Btw, my final diagnosis for the past few years has only been depression and has remained the same.  Oh, thanks sandman for the info. about the site problems.  I'll keep trying to load a pic.  Gary, some of the people in my life have that same "deal with it and get over it" attitude just like you mentioned.  However, I do have a great deal of support from friends, family and even my ex boyfriend.  You are completely correct in saying that dealing with things on your own or holding them in is not a good idea.  That leads to anger, outbursts and all kinds of negative behavior.  I hope everyone is having a good night. ~Lonnie~

      p.s. Did I mention I have a tad bit of insomnia LOL….what else?

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  3. snowdreamer 11 years ago

    Welcome to DT Lonnie, here you'll find understanding, support and very caring people.  Try the chat room one day and you'll find a lot of good people in there just waiting to talk about anything and everything.  Sometimes the talk is just general to keep our minds from thinking about the depression but other times it's to help someone who needs an ear and some advice so come join us anytime and again welcome to DT….

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  4. WoMaNnBeAuTyyBrAiNss 11 years ago

    Thanks snowdreamer.  I am just exploring the site since I'm new here.  I like the fact that it's focus is on mental health, but that we can talk about anything.  I am going to go into the chat room tonight. Thanks again 🙂

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