In dreams and land of imagination everything is volatile. Nothing is concrete. But these ideas have real value to ourselves. They affect us in many ways about how our future days can go. This very realm of thought creates hopes, wishes, belief, distraction, anxiety, and the list goes on. A recurrent thought that runs through our veins like a toxic ichor is Fear. It changes us in that particular moment. We all react differently to it. It is our biggest enemy and it tests our will to live through it. The choices we make out of it are not always in our best interests. We make mistakes and we give in.

Nonetheless it is something that makes us who we are, Human.

Our irrational minds overrides our self-control and pushes us to do things we can regret. It breaks us in so many ways. Until we patiently wait to be reforged. It is an explosion of our own nightmares that rushes through our body. It tears down every piece of what we value. We cannot escape it. We cannot ignore it. We cannot allow it to gain on us.

Yet some of us fail at being…

This powerful illusion is one of the sources of our weaknesses that we hate to admit. Unwillingly we become the servant of injustice and evil. Every choice we make out of this scars everyone around us and ourselves. It is like a disease that spreads rapidly and nobody can protect itself from it. Some of us will be permanently wounded and dragged into the abyss by it. Some of us will live with it through the rest of their lives. Most of us ignore that it lives among us like a silent hunter chasing after the weak and defenseless. And we let it happen.

It eats on us like we’ve been deteriorated by a plague and makes us suffer through it.

The values you can grab out of pain are a lot more fruitful than what you can accomplish with ease. Because they meant something to you or because you now have learned something new out of it. “No pain, no gain”.
You can hardly forget something that caused you harm or trouble in your life. Because it tested your way of perceiving things and how you understood them and how you dealt with them. These questions you never thought of asking yourself are concealed, like a monster hiding your bed, until it found an opportunity to strike at your very moment of weakness. There is no right or wrong answer. But each of those will affect how the world around will react to you.

It is just a Nightmare.

Call me crazy, but we all construct things in this world that comes out of our dreams. Wishes or hopes that we would like to see come to life in this world. What evidence do we have that some of us do not mistake those dreams with nightmares? How can we be sure that these idealistic and ingenious are not just the product of our very own monstrosity? All these formidable questions have nothing else but an impact on how we feel about everything around us. Guilty, regretful, tortured… you name it.

How can I live for a world that wants to ignore their own broken, rotten and darkened silhouette?

I can still remember that I was asked several times by their own manner from the couple I love most: “How can you tell what is right from wrong?”. At the time, I thought it was just about reflecting on what I did wrong and what I can do right. But then again I also grew up thinking what wasn’t wrong can be right. We all know there is no way I will find an answer to that. To be honest, even if I did, I would not share the knowledge of it. I think everyone has the capacity of realizing and making these decisions. I can see, acknowledge and guide a visitor to be confronted to the insane or reasonable choices he will have to do…

But I cannot repair the damages that he or she will provoke in this exposition.

I will keep watch and tell the stories of the remaining constructs of this ruined menagerie of chaos.

  1. pocakes1990 5 years ago

    wow… bravo really deep thinking …made me think remind me alot about the way i write except your is …like reading an expensive published book on nook:) kudos i hope to hear more… it does take you back that everything around us came from an idea .. but until you i never asked what about the nightmare part hmmm

    1 kudos
    • Author
      seiza 5 years ago

      Thanks for reading! Your comment encourages me to write more. 🙂 I’ll see what I can do later.

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