They asked me to share my story to help others I don’t really know how its gonna help tho there’s really no happy ending if anything its gotten worse i’m still dealing with it But i guess It started when i moved in with my grandpa he lived with a man who had been molesting me since I was 7 i hated every second of it It really took a tole on me emotionally which wasn’t good since i had started a new school I made ¨friends¨ But I had a mean ass teacher I was still struggling and going through getting molested so i was having a lot of trouble in school i remember i would just start sobbing out of no where she hated me so much.I started cutting in 6th grade that’s when everything started hitting really hard I was acting out getting in trouble I still am its getting really hard in my house hold my moms always really stressed out taking her anger out on me and my grandma is an addict and she mentally and physically abuses me my dads not any better I feel like he looks at me and thinks of my mom and how she hurt him he gets really aggressive when he doesn’t have weed to smoke and hits me or push me to the ground and choke I just wish something would help I wish someone would save me.I hope this helped somehow.

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  1. aquazium 1 month ago

    That sounds so awful!! It seems like you’re so trapped! I hope that there’s someone out there who’s going to take care of you. Some friend you can stay with or something. Does anyone know about you being molested? I think it would help if you found an adult you trust to help you and protect you, I hope that’ll work out.
    I know God and His angels are with you, and they are going to protect you and make you stronger and braver. You can do this! I’m here for you:)

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