I love rain. Rain makes me feel peaceful but not tonight. Actually I been feeling strange, out of sorts all day but felt functional. If I were to mope around twirling my fingers trying to figure out what the hell I'm so anxious, nothing won't get done!

The rain feels heighten, really loud in my ears. It bothers me. But I manage to not let it get to me. It has calmed down. Now I hear just small trickles pouring down the windows, so that's nice.

My mind seems to want to throw me new obsessions. I feel Tired and fearful. I was obsessing all morning and all afternoon off and on. When I woke up my thoughts were racing, it felt horrible.

I just bought a book tonight on Amazon. It suppose to be a good book!

Have you heard of her or read her book?

The Woman Who Thought too Much: A Memoir- by

Joanne Limburg

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  1. chez 11 years ago

     i have never read or heard of the book but i hope you enjoy it and i hope you feel better soon i hope you can get rid of any new obsessions keep fighting you have come this far stay strong.

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