When my routines are messed up i get pissed. First here is my normal morning routine for a sunday…

1. Wake up at 2:30am

2. Shower

what the hell is up with the mandatory double spacing…not cool at all…

3. Let dog 1 (Rocko) outside

4. Get Dressed and pick hat to wear

5. Kiss wife (shes asleep i dont remember ever starting this but now i feel i have to so it has lost all meaning…oh well)

6. Turn on all the upstairs lights

7. Let Dog 1 in and shut in bedroom

8. Take Dog 2 out then put him in bedroom and let Dog 1 out

9. Take dogs 3 and 4 out (dog 4 goes in pen, dog 3 stays out)

10. Takepills

11.Go downstairs and play video games til 8am

ok im done typing it out like that you get the drift. restof it involves making my wife's coffee, cleaning entire upstairs, feedin Dogs1,3,4, and watchingfriday nightsGhostAdventures.

Now for the problem this morning i for some reason am letting destroy my entire day… My wife had a girls night with one of her friends and i got through that disruption ok last night by going to bed when she arrived. Well, apparentally she stayed the night and my wife didnt warn me. Plus, we have a guest bedroom and she apparently slept on the damn couch because when i got to the turning all the lights on part of my morning i saw her there (dogs 3 and 4 sleep in that room so i needed the light too). i turned on the light, saw her, turned the light off and stood there for close to a half hour staring at this poor girl just absolutely seething. i didnt know if i should wake her up and tell her to go to the guest bedroom or just ignore she was there and hope she didnt wake up and try to talk to me (i would have completely ignored her because i do not speak until 5:20 no matter what). i ended up crouched down in the corner of the kitchen with the lights off (i had to turn them all off again hoping if i started over i could get past the person possibly drooling on my couch…disgusting). i started over and made it downstairs and play my video games but then i realized she was still upstairs asleep so i could come upstairs. I actually went out the basement door and pissed outside…

Im avoided my wife and her friend right now because i need more than anything to be alone and i want them both out of my damn house! If my wife would have simply said "hey she is gonna sleep here tonight" i would have been ok but instead i get to spend my morning almost in tears staring at a friend sleeping on my couch ruining my damn morning! Gonna be a SUPER day now.

sorry for not having anything positive to say, maybe when i can breath again, god i hate this shit.

  1. deuce222 11 years ago

    Alot of times i dont feel that she is sympathetic at all and gets angry when i do something like this.  so i can never tell her

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  2. hekla2002 11 years ago

    Though I don't have the same routines or compulsions, I totally get where you are coming from here. I have such a hard time when things don't work out as planned…I am very planned.

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  3. fallingangel 11 years ago

    I know how you feel. I'm not too much of a structured person, but I do like being alone, and if I find out someone is coming over to my house to visit, I get depressed and it ruins my whole day. I guess some people would say I'm extremely anti-social. Sometimes I feel bad because I wonder what's "wrong" with me if I enjoy being alone so much that I never enjoy having visitors

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  4. deuce222 11 years ago

    Thanks guys.   i just hate talking to people and having to hear them talk back.  i text alot i refuse to call people.  I have this thing where i overthink my answers to everything and its embarassnig cuz i could be asked "how was your drive to work" and i sit there and stare off into space sometimes thinking about what their reaction will be if i say this compared to what it will be if i say that, again with the planning i guess.  just want to be ahead of the game even if its a conversation.  Whats awesome is my wife and her friend both left at like noon and i have been alone all day to do what i want!  So this is just what i needed to come down from this morning, im just glad i didnt yell at her cuz she is a real close friend to both of us.  i have been cleaning and doing laundary all freaking day though haha

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  5. Ashling 11 years ago

    There's nothing more infuriating than disrupted compulsions >_< Well done for keeping your cool and not yelling at the friend.    

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