Before I start this is not a true story.

One day there was a young girl her name was Merry she was lesbian and loved her best friend. When she came out to her family her mom said “baby thats just fine” same with everyone else except merry’s dad. He started yelling and screamed”get out of my house you piece of trash” this really hurt her. So she turned out the door and ran. Merry ran so far that she got lost. She was in the moddle of the woods and then relized she still had her phone. So she first found a road and then she sat down under a tree by the road And called her mom and asked if she could pick her up. And it was getting dark but fortunately her mom arrived. When they got home it was silent. Merry stormed up the stairs into her room and slammed the door. So she called her friend to ask her to come over so she said “hey nanci can you come over I have to tell you something face to face?”  Yeah be right there she responded when naci got there she also said she had to say something. So the two friend went to merrys room and sat on the floor. So then merry came out of the closet  ready for the  worst.  Then naci said I also feel the same but I am pansexual is that ok the merry huged naci and said I woldnt care if you were bisexual lesbian asexual tour still my naci. So the too asked each other out and told there parents nacis parents were cool with it but merrys dad wasn’t he stromed out but never came back.

The moral is YOU are worth it you are you and love is love( this story applies to anyone)



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