this is the first type of thing I’ve ever done of this.

I wake up and tend to role out of bed. Before I can even roll out I sit up to get an aspect of my room and that morning. I get out of bed and look and the unrecognizable me looking back in the mirror. It’s like someone else is looking back and the look that “I” am able to see. Less than twenty percent of the time am I able to roll out of bed and tiredly walk down the stairs to get my morning coffee. More often than not I find I stand and look at the person looking back at me. When I sit back down it’s like my life is one giant movie screen; the more i move the more i feel as though it’s not real. Like as though I am a robot. I could feel like a puppet. I could feel like slowly but surely as the day progresses I lose my mind a little bit more. As I lose my mind it’s like I lose control of what I do. I can see everything happening but I am somebody or something else. As this happens my mind is literally lost and I am no longer there, until I am.


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