I am grateful for having the gift of empathy, ability to read body language, and the ability to sense people’s character.

I have life experience that has lead to wisdom.   The journey of gaining wisdom changed me as person and has taught me about life.

The challenge that I face is not taking on others burdens and challenges on as my own.  It can be so easy to see situations from a objective point of view what another person can do to improve their life.

Yet, it everyone has their lives to manage.   They will make good and bad decisions.   The consequence  belong to them and I am not responsible because I care.   It is a challenge to not feel that way though.

Healthy boundaries are important and for I learned from my research that people who grow up in dysfunctional situations / families tend to struggle with both setting and enforcing boundaries.

Life has shown me why good boundaries are important.   I have a lot of respect for professional life coaches, therapists and psychologists.  They need patience and the ability to manage their own challenges in life while carrying the burdens of others on their minds for a living.

I personally don’t have a on and off switch on being empathic and caring and wonder how someone can end their mental health work day and  not spend their time off work thinking about the problems and challenges of others.

I learned that mental health professionals tend have their own mental health professionals to manage the demands of their careers.

Life , ideally, seems to be about balancing what you have to work with for your own good health in all areas.   Yet, sharing kindness and compassion with others with healthy boundaries.

I hope that everyone has a healthy and content day!




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