I dont even know where to start.. About 2 years ago I started  bankruptcy proceedings.  My husband is a taxidermist.  In the mean time; his 22 year old daughter moved in with us and had a benzo problem.  Him and I have 2 children dd – 6 and ds – 3.  Then in Sept 08 the game wardens served a search warrent on the house.  I was home alone with my 3 year old and the 22 yo fresh out of rehab.  First they would not show the warrant so I did not let them in.  In conclusion I got arrested to obstruction of justice.  In the warrent they took out family computer, but did not touch the 2 lap tops that were in the house.  ODD!!  So we have a bankruptcy attorney and my husband hired an attorney for the other crap.  The state has since charged him with selling wildlife in the amount of 200 or more.  So there is another 3000 bucks.  Christmas has feel in there too.  In the bankruptcy we had to surrender the family car and buy another one that is paid for with no payments.  My husband went and got a little sports car.  Insead of the subaru 4 door that I wanted.  He said this ford only has 86000 miles instead of the subaru having 128000.  So I am very upset about the car situation.  This car sits so low to the gound that I put my back out ever time I lean in to buckle the kids up and  there is hardly any room to reach in and buckel them.  Ok, back to the bankruptcy… the mortgage people say they will not make any deals until we give them 3200 bucks.  WTH!!!  Do people really think that when you are in that type of financial situation that you can just pick money off the tree or something.   What have I done so bad to deserve to live like this?


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