I have a friend who's been there for methe past year a lot.It wasa pretty crazy year for me with PostPartum, anxiety, being hospitalized, etc. Lately she's blowing me off in some ways and it's really hurting my feelings.I've practically heldher hand and picked her out of the gutter the last three yearswhen she left her husband and finalized her divorce just this summer. Needless to say, we've bothhelp each other's hand. I'll send her a text about getting togetherand shewon't reply till the next dayhaving some lame excuse.This happened twice this weekend and I really needed a friend to talk to. She replied once than after that she stopped. Then ignored my call Sat night knowing that I wanted to go out for a bit. I'm upset. I feel that I put my entire life on hold when she has a life issue with her boyfriend or her ex husband or not having money. I have a baby that just turned one. It's very time consuming but I make the time for her because she's important. She goes through these periods where she just very distant but then later she's like Oh how are you (smile smile). I guess she has her own issues, but it hurts my feelings. I feel like I put myself out there for her and when I'm needing something, the amount is very minimal and on her terms. I've had some huge problems with my husbands family and it's been on going. I'm sure she's tired of hearing it. I heard about her divorce for three yearsand was just always there for her. The weekends she had her kids, she 100% wanting to hang out or she's calling me. The weekends she doesn't it's like her life is very secret. I love her more than anything and I know she feels the same. But I'm hurt from her doing that thing to me this weekend. Do I tell her or just move on? I'm very good at writing my feelings out. Do I send her an email. During the weeks thats mostly how we communicate on Instant Message at work or email.


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