Throughout our lives we will encounter many people, some who will be worth having in our life and some that wont.  There will be times when we will encounter people who will only cause harm to our lives and cause problems for us between other people or within ourselves.  These are the people we, at first, believe we can trust, but soon regret trusting in the first place.  There are some people in the world who will do anything it takes to get what they want, which is fine in some cases, but not always.  Some people will go to such extreme lengths to ensure that they get whatever it is that they desire or long to have that they will inflict various types of pain upon another person regardless of whether or not they know the person.  It is these people who we honestly believe are our friends and want nothing more than happiness and a stress-free life for because we care for them as a person, or in any way really.  We consider these people to be a part of our lives we will refuse to give up for anyone else and yet they are the part of our lives that we should shut out and say goodbye to.  
     Knowing from personal experience how much pain a person can inflict on another person's life so easily and remorselessly I wish only to forewarn those of you who have any similarities to myself.  These people will come in many forms from a lover to a friend to a lover's past relationship and at times even a family member.   Thankfully I have not had a family member who has been so spiteful to myself, but in general, there are those out there whose family members will do whatever it takes to make someone's life miserable…a living hell if you will, regardless of the consequences.  It's very sad when an event like this happens in anyone's life, but the fact remains that it does…daily…sometimes, multiple times daily.  However, if you can't move past these people then they will continue to destroy your life effortlessly.  So do your best to put them behind you and forget that they exist because no matter what fun times you've had with them or what memories and happiness you had with them, they will only continue to hurt you.   I'm in the process of letting go and moving forward myself, it's a hard process to complete, but in the end it will most definitely be worthwhile.


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