I had something cool happen in my Chemisty class this morning and wanted to share it. We are talking about pH right now (Acids and Bases) and we were doing a segment on a base. Well we got to the point where my classmates put two pH's on the board, one was like 2.7 and the other was 11.3. The professor says, "I know confidently that one of these two are correct. Let's take a vote."

I actually knew something about pH – 7.0 is neutral, so anything above 7.0 is basic and below 7.0 is acidic. Well since we were working with a base in the problem, the 11.3 answer was the correct one.

About 3/4ths of the class raised their hands for the 2.7 answer. I raised my hand with a few others for the 11.3 answer, and felt really accomplished that I actually knew something that most of the class didn't. It was a really good feeling.


Off subject but Brandy (my dachshund) was not fair last night. She woke me up four times to go outside. So naturally I was tired this morning, especially since it was going to be a really long day. I've got another class at 12:00 followed by Chemistry Lab after that and THEN precalculus tutoring after that. So that's 6 hours of nonstop work. At least I get this break right now before then, hah…


One last thing, I've decided to reward myself with a graduation present once I'm out of school. I want to buy a samurai katana, one that is practical but also would be a good wall piece. I have one in mind, too – the one I am looking at is this Musashi Diamyo (click the name to see a picture). It's $50 including shipping and has gotten good reviews.

Now I will mention I do intend to learn how to use it, too. I won't be one of those silly kids on the internet that think they can master a katana by swinging it around randomly and cutting their arm off – I genuinely want to practice with it until I feel confident enough to attempt cutting a target. I respect the swordsmen who have spent years perfecting this skill and would like to learn as much as I can from them.

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  1. QuadRaptor 12 years ago

    I learned about pH as a kid by having an aquarium and having to make the water neutral by using a pH testing kit.  It's pretty nice being able to remember something like that from practical everyday life.

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