Well on June 30 2007 it was my one-year anniversary with my b/f but he had to work so we went out to eat that night. Now supposedly he had Sunday and Monday planned cuz we were going to celebrate it those days. Now out of nowhere his sister comes down from Orlando to stay for a week and than his other sister (who I think hates me its obvious) start staying at his house (after like a month of not sleeping there) so to me it ruined the weekend cuz I wanted to be about us and spent time alone. Plus I feel uncomfortable being around so many ppl especially the sister that hates me. So than on Sunday we were going to go bowling his lil sister came with us (that’s ok) but it was too full than we went to the mall and walked around doing nothing. Than on Monday we were going to the beach with our friend Lixia but she bailed and than his sister wanted to come with the baby so that fine (she is nice I like her) but we were only like 30 minutes in the water and the lifeguards made us get out cuz there was thunder nearby. Than we went bowling with Lixia and his lil sis. Now when we got to his house his mom said a comment about me that got me upset so when I was bowling I was quite. But then we started playing video games and I just start to relax cuz I didn’t want to ruin the day for every-1. Than we played pool everything was fine until we got back to his house and he was ignoring me and than we were going to drop off movies at blockbuster and he started saying oh what the fuck is your problem and all this shit. That I was being an asshole to him by not talking and I told him that it was what your mom said and he is like oh I thought it was that. So I got pissed off cuz I was like you knew what was wrong and that we couldn’t talk about it in public and you didn’t say anything and than you want to get pissed at me. So I was like whatever and there ended the anniversary weekend. So whatever than 4th of July I had to drop off something’s to my nephews grandparents house and my b/f is like oh come over I was like are you sure you have nothing to do with your mom or sisters or cousin. And he is like no …ok I get to his house and his mom is yelling oh I told you we were going to go to your cousin’s house and he was like I don’t want to go and than she saw me and made it seem like it was cuz I was there. So we watched movies the whole day I was like whatever than I had to stay there cuz it was too smoky at night to leave. Now yesterday he called me and was like I’m on my way to your house and I was like oh why? And he like fine forgets it I was like look you know you can’t come here plus my stepfather is here. So he just got mad and hung up on me I didn’t care cuz I told him that I didn’t want any problems with my mom and stepfather either way I had to do some errands with my mom in the morning and he knew that. So than he calls me during his break at work and tells me that on Sunday morning he has to fix his cousin’s washer machine.So i couldn’t go to his house today to stay over and he said that he has no $ or gas to come see me and that there is no point of hanging out today cuz i wouldn’t be able to stay over. So I get pissed off cuz I know he just doesn’t want to see me. So I asked oh when did he ask you that and he like oh yesterday and I was like why you telling me today and he says oh cuz I didn’t know how to tell you. I was like bullshit you just don’t want to see me and you looked for him. Than I told him be a man about it and just tell me that you don’t want to see me this weekend. Than his phone died and he never called me. This morning I called him and nothing he texts me that his phone charger doesn’t work and that his phone is dead. I said O than how are you texting me and he says that when he receives a call that it dies and than he is like I know you don’t believe me and I didn’t say anything back.

What pisses me off is that I know its a lie he probably called his cousin cuz he doesn’t want to see me, the thing is it got me more upset than mad cuz my ex use to do that shit all the time and it was cuz I knew he was hanging out with a girl.

Ok the India thing I was going to go to India and London with my friend Farah I already send my passport out to the embassy to get the India visa but than every week I noticed that it was just too expensive I didn’t have any money so I was going to go to Nicaragua to see my family and cousin who is dying and to get to teeth fixed. So I started talking to my mom and we agreed that we both go and my lil bro if we get money in time.

So my friend Farah text’s me this morning that her mom cancelled the trip cuz there was problem with the store. So I was like ok it cools. So now I’m going to go to Nicaragua {hopefully}. I’m hoping my passport gets here already. My mom wants to go on July 16 till august 16 for a month. We are planning on buying the tickets this week.

Now I want to go but at the same time I don’t but I have no other choices now. I leave in about 9 days and my boyfriend is being an ass so everything seems so messed up. I’m going to miss him and I won’t be able to talk to him much only by Internet and that’s if I get it on my phone. But I don’t think he cares. Maybe it will do us good a month apart from each other. Well I think I wrote enough now I gotta decided what the hell I’m gonna study so I can pick my classes for the fall before I leave.

I’m sad and feel very alone!:sad:

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  1. sorrowfulpoet 13 years ago

    I know its tough, but I think you need to consider “What is best for you in the long run.”
    I know that isn’t always clear but you may want to examine each choice very carefully.
    The boyfriend situation sounds complex, sometimes people don’t realize they are hurting you–but it sounds like this guy knows he is. I’m not sure though.

    Keep fighting, be your own best friend in this and tell yourself what you’d tell your best friend if they were in your shoes…

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