I know I have problems and I know I can overcome them I think anyway but in the meantime I am such a burden and disappointment I feel to my family and everyone around me…I dont want to be and dont mean to be this to them.. but i seriously think I am going deeper into depression and dont know why,,I just want to lay in my bed and cry and sleep and wake up and cry more then sleep more,,,dont want to get out of bed dont want to go to work and cant even do basic housework,,, which was brought to my attention today, on how i havent done anything since he (dave myhusband) has had his stroke, over a week ago,, maybe that has got me into this depression and it seems as if it is spiraling out of control, you all may have felt this way at one time or another but how in the world do you bounce back? I dont feel good at all have bronchitis and sinus infection, and yet i told him if i didnt feel good tomorrow i may miss work cant work like this you know well that upset him,,i cant win for losing, cant afford to go to dr or just meds for that matter and with the upcoming holiday next week, I am just so dang down because I want so bad for it to be a good day and i know I WILL SCREW THAT UP,, i have everything the last 2 weeks and you get tired of it you just get tired… you are tyold how you need to be and what you need to be and do but yet that is coming from the IGNORANT ones that have no idea how it is to live this way everyday , and they are too stubborn to look it up and educate themselves on it and just want to shun you for how you are,,, my rant is never ending and i am sorry just need a friend i can talk to badly


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