i titled this blog so because i received as a gift a 4ft by 6 ft long copy of the painting 'the trial of socrates'.  I dont know much about socrates, but the painting is so beautiful, and so expressive.

anyway, i havent written in a while, and i hoping my buddies are still here – 

i got this bug in my head telling me to make an album.  I like to write and play guitar, and i have what i guess would be the equivalent of well over 100 original songs.  Unfortunately, my breadth of guitar knowledge is limited, and i only know like, 8 chords at most, so like 30 of them sound the same lol

i bought a desk today – get this guys; its a steel desk with a granite slab desktop.  It weighs over 800 lbs.  To move it from a to b took 2 forklifts, a rented truck and 5 guys.  Buts its awesome.  A more solid desk I have never owned and am so happy that I now own a 'one of a kind' desk. I will take pics of it and upload them so you all can see it; how exciting is that? lol

So, I was at my part time job, thinking about this desk while I was drilling, and accidentally drilled a screw through my thumbnail.  So, a word of warning to everyone – dont think about my desk while drilling, because it might happen to you. Now i have a hideous thumbnail with a hole in it.  CAnt wait to see how thats going to heal.

Im taking lexapro now – my doc switched me from zoloft – im kinda worried about it because i have had some considerable withdrawal effects from not taking zoloft – 

does anyone here take lexapro, and if so, does it work?

talk soon,



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