A: I went to sleep and missed Natalie’s text message. Natalie’s text suggests she is OK but passive aggressively states she’s “used to” being abandoned, which implies she might be angry with me or sad. ALSO she doesn’t seem to have a facebook account anymore.

B: Natalie might be mad at me forever, might hurt herself. If she does either of these things, that will make me a terrible person.

C: having trouble getting back to work. urgently awaiting her text. suddenly not so worried about all my health anxieties.

D:  I need to give her space to feel whatever she’s feeling.  She says she’s okay. Trust it. I also should try to check in a little more, since she’s been the one doing a lot of the reaching out. But it’s not fair to myself to blame myself for her highly emotional reaction to my falling asleep because she’s abandoned me in the same ways and i’ve let it slide by. we all make mistakes.

E: I will focus on my work. everything i’ve feared for the last five days has turned out not to be true. it’s OKAY if things aren’t perfect, but they’re likely not as bad as you think they are. Give her until the evening, then check in then.



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