Hi everybody.  Here's another one of my favorites quotes taken right from "The Wisdom of the Rooms"

"The 'why' questions keep us in the problem."


In recovery I have learned that the "why" questions always keep me in the problem. Questions like: "Why did that have to happen?" Or, "Why didn't/couldn't she do this?" Or, "Why does it always have to turn out that way?" Or, "Why can't I catch a break just once?" etc, etc.. ‘Why’ questions not only keep me focused on the problem, but they almost always turn me into a victim as well.


As I worked the steps of the program, many wonderful things began to happen in my life beginning with an awareness of my thinking and self talk. My sponsor taught me about the why questions and encouraged me to look for solutions using who, what, how and where questions instead.


Today when I have a problem or situation I don't like, I ask questions like: "What are 3 things I can do right now to remedy this?" Or, "Who might have experience with this that I can call for help?" Or, “What lessons are here for me to learn and grow from?" Or, "Where can I get a solution for this?" These are the questions I ask today to help me get out of the problem and into the solution. My question for you is – "Who do you know who might enjoy this quote?" Pass it on!



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