Hi I’m new to all of this so please bear with me.  I’m currently getting clean from Meth and it’s not really too hard yet but its scary.  Last april my husband came home from work and asked what my thoughts were on us trying meth, I love him and have always been a good girl but I was curious.  For the first 2 months it wasn’t so bad but then things got bad.  Hubby quit his job swearing people at work were talking trash about him and he couldn’t take it.  Then things got weird.  He swore I was cheating on him, that I was sneeking men in the house through our floors, through our walls or sleeping with them at work.  Well this past month he started claiming i’m in tons of porn that I don’t really work in a restaurant that i’m making porn for a living.  But I only go to work and home.  I sit at home and barely touch our cell phone or laptop so he doesn’t think i’m flirting with men or having them meet up with me.  He swears men come in while he is sleeping and beat on him, or that I sleep with the men.  But none of this is happening, I refuse to be unfaithful to him.  Here lately though I beg him to give up meth that it is bad for him and he swears I’m just trying to blame everything on that drug.  I feel like I’m living in a bad drug movie and I cant get out, only now I have decided I am done with meth.  The scary part of it is as much as I love him but he wont give up the drug and I’m close to leaving if he wont.  I cant keep living with the mental abuse and being painted to be something I’m not.  Thanks for listening 

  1. darktwistygal 3 years ago

    Leave him. He won’t get better if he doesn’t want to, and eventually it will get worse. It will be a lot more than emotional abuse. Meth makes you paranoid and that can be dangerous. I hope you’re okay.

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      harleyq85 3 years ago

      I love him but I think you are right, things will never change just so hard to do this on my own I gave up all my friends and all

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  2. musicdriven 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your story. You are quite brave. My partner is not on meth but definitely paranoid. I feel closed off to the world. My friends. My family. She is so insecure it’s scary. You aren’t alone. Good Luck on your journey!

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