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It's been a while I currently do not have wifi at my house so that's been real to say the least. Today I am here to talk about health obsessions. Seeing as I am currently 95% convinced that I have MS as in Multiple Sclerosis. I have been cold turkey for a week off my Xanax and since all the hospital visits to be diagnosed with IBS, I don't know I feel very weak, dizzy, extremely sensitive to light, sound, motion, nauseous, and work made my lower back hurt so you can see how the possibility is there. My OCD brain says it couldn't possibly be anxiety and after googling my symptoms a few months ago and MS coming up and scaring me to death, I found it everywhere two letters M,S on my bottle of Excederin, and the MRI machine advertisement while in line at the bank. I have had two MRI's on my head in the last two years but I am convinced I need a third or a spinal tap or something. I am trying to get in with a new doctor my appointments a week away. This morning I was convinved I am Montel, and now after googling (yes google the most powerful tool to self destruction available on the web) anxiety and thinking I have MS. I realize how common it is to have this obsession and just how severe the symptoms of anxiety could be. I went to the ER I didn't make it past Triage. It's just me and a bottle of Excederin for the day I feel like crap intensely I seem fine to everyone but I have never felt worse in my life. If you've ever felt this way or worried about this please don't be afraid to comment. I shalt maketeth to wifi soon enough and any bit of comfort is helpful.

  1. purple_frosting 7 years ago

    I never felt that way exacatly but I know how scary OCD can be.

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  2. telknit23 7 years ago

    Different symptoms, but I have been convinced more than once that I had MS.  Been in more MRI machines than I care to remember (for other health anxiety as well).  I like to say it's all the doctor's fault.  I had a weird reaction to a standard reflex test, so he sent me for an MRI to rule out MS.  That was pre-google (you know, back in the dark ages).  However, since the rise of the internet and the ability to scare oneself on a daily basis, I too have learned that MS is one of the top fears. It is precisely becasue the symtpoms are so vague, general and common.  More than likely, if you have IBS, getting that AND your anxiety under control, will help your symptoms. 

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