What is with this world? Somedays I feel like the entire world has gone mad! Greatness and inventions are turned into conflict and war. Hate, rastism, religions against religions, countries against religions, cold wars coming to go to come again, dessions by people in power that we do not even want to know and dessions that should be known. All cultures, socities and individuals colasping upon its own dung pile that it has made. The dollar! There is no such thing as peace in this world. There has truely never been, at at this rate will not be unless there is only one person left and even then that person would have conflict with himself! And we are not even the only animal that has wars. Other primate such as the chimp will hunt and have war. In ways pretty much all animals fight for either mating or just because. We have to be single cells not to care. And insteat of humans learning from our mistakes we make more and make the same ones. Instead we make it bigger and worse. Look at dynamite, created by Alfred Noble to save lifes. Ended up also making a great weapon, so make a foundation. Eighty years later J.R. Oppenheimer did the manhattan project, so, make a foundation. People just repeat the same things over and over! Some days I am torn between shaving my head and joining a monistary to escape the insainess or just make it right! But if I make it right, people will destroy it! Yeah, I worked for the largest OEM electronics manufature in the world year ago. I doing dumb work. But on the side I develople a new battery tester to batteries that have no way to actually test (cell phone batteries, there is no low voltage mPh testing device for rechargeable batteries of that type, saddly). Made a prototype and all and it work. My bosses, boss, boss showed the VP’s and they thought it was great. in logic look at the money it would save customers and not to mention less landfill, better for the enviorment! But oh, "We also make the batteries and would loose income". Hey, its the right thing to main factor. Forget the enviroment! It really is sad, if someone made cold fussion work or more likely will happen cold plasma reactor, no one will really care! Oil and coal and natual gas makes tooo much money, who wants free power. Who wants to make the econamy not matter and true open market with no care of money since everything would be cheap and economic! Sorry, my rant of the day.. well… night….


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