How do you lose weight? I have started something this week and I hope that it continues to help me.  I have started eating more healthy foods like salads and fruit.  I have also started exercising, but I wonder one thing is it enough to help you with depression.  I know that losing weight is extremely hard and I thought since I have started eating healthier and exercising that maybe some of this depression would go away.  In a sense it has to a certain extend, but will we fully recover with just meds.  I hate to say it but I dont know what I would do without my meds.  I was happy before I found out that I was depressed, but now that I think about it.  It goes back farther than just 6 months ago.  It goes all the way back to my teen years.  I have should have seen it coming when I was a teen.  I should have known when my father said dont get married and we will help you raise your baby.  That should have been my wake up call.  I cant say how much abuse I endured during my first marriage.  Both physical and mental.  More mental than anything when something would go wrong no matter what it was whether he done it or if it was an act of God I would get blamed for it.  I know that those years are gone, but I should have woken up and realized.  I cant believe that it took me 10 years to realize it.  I know what I need to do just let go of it and try to overcome all the blame.  Try to live in today and not yesterday. Does anyone else here ever feel this way?


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