The last time I wrote things were extremely stressful with DH ( Dear Husband) things have calmed down a bit , his OCD has calmed down . I think a major contibutor that made him so irritable was that he was taking in so much caffeine , now he's not on any caffeine , which makes a major difference , with DH's Bipolar he just can't handle caffeine , he has take it for a while & doesn't affect but after a couple of months , it makes him extremely irritiable , plus he is ADHD so naturally a high functioning person , on top of that the caffeine gives him the shakes after a while , plus he medication for his Bipolar . I have learned to pick my times when talk to DH about these things , if he's not in a recieving mood , I know its not the time to talk him about this subject , but when he's in a more relaxed mood , then that's when I approach the subject . DH has to realize that his illness affects me too & a lot of times when he's his mode , he doesn't realize how much it affects me , lately he's been irritated with me , because I haven't been the mood to be intimate , truth of the matter is , his moodyness has a lot to do with his , a lot of times when DH has been gone & when he comes home , as soon he comes in door , I'm not greeted with a kiss , " hi honey how was your day , he starts knit picking a little things & he hasn't even been home 5 minutes & that right there just kills my mood , then of course our 2 year old Jack Russell sleep in the middle of our bed of a night with us , on top of the fact that we never seem to get a date night , because we never seem to have money . I have brought this to Dh's attention especially the date night , I have told him that date night doesn't have to be expensive , just he could be spontanous a buy me flowers every once in a while or card just because or us dress us & go out to nice dinner just the two of us . The other big thing is the fact that I do for my mom a lot , I love my mom , even tho she drives me crazy , but DH doesn't understand I just can't not help her , she' is my only mom , unlike his mom , who is married & way more independent , so when DH complains about doing something for her , it hurts my feelings . DH has to realize that I don't hardly any intermediate family left I only have my mother left & my only & only Aunt Jane & then there's my Uncle Carl ( my aunt Ruth's husband & the rest of the family are all cousins , so when hubby complains about doing somthing about for my mom , it gets to me because he acts like its an act of congress , when she does so much for him , way more than his own mother has ever done ..


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