I see her walking across the room.  All eyes look, heads swivel and necks crane to look.  She could have any man in the room and most of the women too. She walks over to another woman and kisses her.  We all have seen this and wish that had been us.  But now let’s change it around a bit.  A young man walks into a room. He is dressed sharp, fit, and looks good.  He walks with a slight swagger of confidence. The ladies look and a few of the men do as well.  He walks up to another guy and kisses him. Everyone in the room seems to freeze.

Women submissives are all over. But if you find a male submissive they are frowned upon.

So the question comes: Why the double standards? Because 2 women kissing is ok, but 2 men kissing isn’t? And what can we do to bring awareness of this to the world? Does 2 men make us less a man? Less of a provider? Or weak? Not at all! So again, what can we do to fix this?

  1. piscesbs 2 years ago

    You’re right. There’s nothing fucking wrong with that. In my opinion I don’t care who kisses who! Personally I am gender-fluid and I don’t care what happens with the situation like this. In the end, it’s the personality not the individual. In the end it’s not the gender…its the relationship.

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