So, I had an interview on The Authors show which was really kinda nerve wracking. Its a nationwide show for new authors who are showcasing their books. I honestly never really thought writing a book would do anything as Ive said before. I figure well…there are tons of books out there and then I started reading a few of them of people who are living with HIV. I was pretty impressed, I mean some of the hurdles individuals with this disease go through are simply amazing. I dont know about anyone else but I remember when I was working like a dog as an electrician I would work and come home and drink myself into a stupor, sometimes going to the local bar and listening to peoples problems often wondering..what am I doing here. Then when I recovered from my illness and the meningitis stuff and got off my pissing pot I decided to start writing. I think its helped me grow and not focus on working for someone else. Sure I am still on disability but in all honesty dont think I am that monetarily challenged as I think I am. I mean I dont drink anymore..well maybe tea but I found a box of 100 tea bags for 1.99 and was like wow thats freakin cheap. But…who drinks tea? I dont know I think it may help me focus. so anyways, before I wrote the 2 books I was writing for various online companies and after a while I started getting quicker at typing and my punctuation and grammar actually started getting a little better. So, the I started writing articles for people on Dont laugh, even though I did at first. Seemed like a scam. But after a while I found I could write and research an article in no time because of my past few years of writing like a dog. So now I usually get about 5-10 offers a day to write articles for people on fiveer. Maybe someone here may be able to do it too. I know alot of us are on disability but this can keep you busy and maybe even help you learn a new skill. My link is at if you wan to get an idea. Its a learning experience but it can make you some extra money to get you past the hump. It also helps me not focus on the bad but on what I can do.. Ive done alot in my life but I dont want to let this disease tell me to stop, not yet. Ive been there and many of you know how fragile I was 5 years ago. Im realizing the roadblocks are and have been in my mind alone. Dave


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