If there was a mood for 'betrayed' or 'used' or 'walked-upon' I would have picked it, sadly enough this website doesn't support my mood.

So let's see I guess I should get the fact that I've been inactive for literally months now out of the way. This is because I was in the hospital with injuries I wouldn't like to chat about.

My wife gave birth to my baby girl while I was still in for treatment. I got out about four weeks later.

I remember staying at home while my wife went shopping. She seemed to get really dressed up. I didn't really take note of it until she actually got back. When she came back I guess IfI was smart I'd notice she didn't buy man things,I said something along the lines of "Boy, I wish I was that supermarket" She asked me what I meant and I asked her about why she was so spruced up to go shopping. She put her hands on my shoulders and clenched her hands tight. She said: "I've been cheating on you…ever since you went into the hospital. I'm sorry."

I couldn't even speak, I was too shocked, then the questions came, I was spitting them out a hundred miles an hour. "What about our daughter" "Who was it with" "How many times" "Why" "How could you do this" She started crying. I told her to leave.

Since then she's been trying to call me and come into my house. I told her I didn't want her in my life anymore.

Now I'm in a custodybattle over my daughter, and franky, it's not looking good. Mostly because I'm the wrong gender. I wish I was a woman so I could have my daughter, but nope! Men be damned! Every single man is a worse father than any woman could be at mothering. I really hate that stereotype. It's dumb, my wife is an adulterer, and yet she's going to have my baby girl.

Just recently I got my phone back from my ex as she had it when I told her to leave. When I went to text message one of my long time friends that I don't get to see a lot, my friend replied surprised that I'm alive. I guess my ex was spreading rumors of my death. What a freak.

I scheduled a meeting with my shrink whom I haven't seen in a dogs age, I need someone to yell at for a hundred bucks a session.

Also, December is here, and that means the 23rd is coming up. My first wife died on the 23rd two years ago. She was my true love, she would never hurt me like my ex has done. My ex and I decided to name our daughter after my first wife, as she was so inspirational.

December is nothing but agony.



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