Its been a long emotional week already & its only Wednesday .. A very good family friend of my husband Carol Smith ( aka Puff man) as we all call him has been fighting Cancer for the last year or so , well a couple of months ago the Doctors back in May Puffy's had his usual scan & the Doctor couldn't find any cancer so all of us were so happy . Now Puffy had the Gasteric Bypass surgery done way back in 1987 , unfortunately they gutted the poor man like a fish & after that the poor man has had way too many surgeries to the point to where he doesn't have anything left . Well the last month or so Puffy has been really bad sick at his stomach , to the point that he can't hold nothing in , he is loosing weight , my husband & I have hung out with him a lot over the last 6 months & have watched him slowly decline , there are days where he feels good & then there are days he feels like total shit . Last Tuesday was the last time I saw him , poor man wasn't feeling all that great & I could tell this , my husband saw him today & its not good, the cancer is back & this time its in his liver . Now Puffy is almost my aunt's age so he's up there , he's N his 70's I would say , puffy god bless him he has helped me & my husband so many times , he helped us move into our house, he has always been a cool friend to just hang out , he has never want anything from us . Puffy is old school , he is very blunt & straight to the point he will let you know really quick if he doesn't like you & very opinionated . Puffy is a really cool uncle that you can have drink with or smoke a joint with & talk to about anything & he wont' judge you . To watch him slowly decline from cancer just breaks my heart because he such a good person & knowing that is nothing I can do to ease the man's pain just kills me . I am just now getting over loosing my aunt Ruth , now to have to death with the possibility of loosing such awsome friend , just breaks my heart even more ..

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  1. pipo2020 7 years ago

    It seems as though puffy was a blessing and a good person to meet! I hope I can meet people like that in my lifetime. Enjoy him while you can, i say this because my gran uncle died last year from cancer in his stomach. Before his death, I was able to visit him every often. He taught me so much in such a short amount of time, enjoy him while you can! I wish him and you the best!

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