Separation anxiety?
Not good at all!
It's embarrassing.

Does anyone else have that "caretaker" in there life,
That special person that can't leave your side, even if they have to ?

How exactly can you learn to live without them? Your "caretaker" can't be with you 24/7, I'm having a hard time taking that in, and I'm going to have an even harder time adjusting to it. I'm going to be completely honest, I'm scared, separation anxiety makes me feel like a 3 year old in a teenagers body. He makes me feel somewhat normal, and when I'm not he makes me feel comfortable. When he leaves it really hits me, I'm alone, no matter who else is surrounding me.

It's embarrassing, especially when that "caretaker" is your boyfriend/girlfriend. You don't want them thinking your clingy, or there family thinking your being controlling. It may seem like you control what goes on when your loved one chooses to be with you rather then do what he wants to do. Sure I'm "controlling" and "clingy" but what people don't understand is that its not my fault, I can't help it.

All of these disorders we have SUCK, some people have made it through them, some people struggle trying, But we can't just sit here wondering why us because its not going to change anything, our problems aren't going to magically go away. So we either work on them, or sit here and accept them. I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

My boyfriends starting to get really busy, so for the next couple weeks I'm going to struggle.. Hopefully I can get rid of this separation anxiety I have for him.
  1. Missie 8 years ago

    I understand what you are saying completely– I have the same thing. I want my husband around me 24/7 and I am lucky that during the winter he is, because he works out of the house, but when he goes back to work in the spring it will be an adjustment. He is also talking about taking a trip out of state and I am freaking out at the thought. He is also talking about a hunting trip and I am freaking out about that toooo. Are you on meds? I was but am not any longer and am wondering if I will have to go back on just to live– cause I know we cant be together always

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  2. justbreathe444 8 years ago

    i take lorazopam, or whatever its called.
    its meant for panic attacks, i take one as soon as i feel any type of anxiety.

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  3. GingerBee 8 years ago

    Yes I know this feeling and it is terrifying. I\'m lucky that I don\'t have it always, just when I am having an episode. He has to work and after a recent episode, I had another panic attack thinking of him going to work the next day. He called our neighbor that night and asked if it would be alright if I came over the next day since I was feeling \”lonely.\” She said I could and he promised that he was only a few minutes away if I needed him to come home. Just knowing I had a parachute was a great relief and I was fine he next day. Maybe think about someone you can spend some time with IF you need to. That was comforting to me.

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